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About Glasgow Access Panel

Glasgow Access Panel is a membership organisation. Joining is free and open to all disabled people, and to organisations representing disabled people.

The Social Model of Disability

Central to the work of the Glasgow Access Panel (GAP) is the Social Model of Disability, which illustrates the ways in which it is not individual impairments which disable people, but rather society’s failure to include and provide accessible facilities for all.GAP recognise the barriers to independent living faced by many people today, and consider the elimination of these barriers an important collective responsibility. Where in the past the medical model of disability focused on the ‘treatment’ of individuals and impairments, the social model highlights the ways in which society gives insufficient consideration to people with impairments – failing to accommodate a significant portion of the population as a consequence. It is therefore society which must change, and it is for this reason that GAP exists: offering our experience and expertise as disabled people in the early stages of planned projects, consulting on changes in traffic management and providing information and assistance to members of the public facing access issues.

Our organisation

Glasgow Access Panel is a registered Scottish charity (Charity No. SCO36531) and company (No. SC283700) controlled by a governing document, our Memorandum and Articles of Association. Our management board meets regularly and have responsibility for all strategic decisions of the charity. Find out more about our current board.

As we are a small team of volunteers and staff, it is not advisable to turn up at the office without contacting us first. So if you’re thinking of stopping by, you can give us a call at 0141 946 8488 or send us an email. We are delighted to help with any information regarding disability rights, and to give advice on addressing specific access issues affecting individuals or organisations.


Glasgow Access Panel are delighted to receive funding from The Robertson Trust, Disability Equality Scotland, and The National Lottery Community Fund. We would also like to thank the Weir Charitable Trust, James Weir Foundation, the Cruden Foundation and the Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust for supporting our charity over the past year.


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Unit 17,
Chapel Street Estate,
G20 9BQ
0141 946 8488

Glasgow Access Panel (GAP): Improving Access For Disabled People

The Glasgow Access Panel (GAP) is a registered charity (charity number SCO36531). Our aim is to improve the accessibility of services, buildings, facilities and information across Glasgow for all disabled people.

What is an Access Issue?

Access issues take a large number of forms. Consider the following examples:

  • At your building society branch office there is a sign saying that an induction loop is available but no-one knows how to work it.
  • A public body advertises that information is available in alternative formats but when you phone them up for an audio version or large print copy they cannot provide you with one.
  • You know that there are more accessible buses on your route, but the journey from your house to the bus-stop is nearly impossible due to high pavements and street furniture.
  • Although your local cinema is ramped throughout, with low counters and more than one accessible toilet, you cannot open the heavy doors to get into the cinema itself.

In short, if you are not able to make a journey to a service and then use that service without serious disruption to yourself then you are encountering access issues. If you are encountering these, or similar problems in your everyday life, please get in touch!

GAP Services

Access Audits and Reports

The Glasgow Access Panel also provide access audits and written reports to organisations looking to improve the accessibility of their premises. For more information on this, see ‘What We Do’, or contact us with any questions, or if you would like to arrange an audit.

Leeds University Inclusive Public Space project

This is a project with an international reach requiring disabled participants in Glasgow. For more information, click here.

Members’ Events

Prior to lockdown, we held accessible events for local disabled people at the Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living. As of 2021, we are now holding regular Zoom meetups as a means of keeping in touch with our members, and the wider disabled community of Glasgow. If you would like to join our chats, please get in touch!

Glasgow Access Panel
Unit 17,
Chapel Street Estate,
G20 9BQ
0141 946 8488

GAP Directors:

  • Helen Douglas (Chairperson)
  • Deborah Mann (Vice Chairperson)
  • David Cowan (Treasurer)
  • James Montgomery (Director)
  • Gary Davidson (Director)

GAP Staff:

  • Bobby Park (Senior Project Officer)
  • David Nugent (Project Coordinator)


GAP Services

  • If you are a disabled person needing help with access issues.
  • For Disability Equality training.
  • For an access audit for your organisation.
  • For information about our Shopping Consultancy Service.
  • If you need help to develop or improve one of your buildings or services.
Glasgow Access Panel
Glasgow Access Panel
Unit 17, Chapel Street Estate
Maryhill G20 9BQ Scotland
0141 946 8488
Charity No: SCO36531